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Healing Intensive

Make powerful, impactful shifts within an energy healing and mentorship 4-week container

An healing intensive is for you if your committed to your path and want a fast-track way to get there. In this container we'll meet weekly for energy healing, channeled guidance, and mentorship. You'll make powerful shifts in your life as we clear and balance deeply rooted, unhealthy energy, transforming it to healthy life force energy. In this process, you'll gain deep clarity within your path and will be given an energy boost to get there.

Alyssa, your mentor will get to know you and your desires (and your blocks), so she can help you step into your fullest potential. Have access to her weekly in your one-on-one healings sessions, plus through WhatsApp for any off-the-cuff questions, concerns, or communication.


What's Included

Before we get started, you'll meet Alyssa via Google Meet for a clarity kick-off call, where we'll discuss your desires. You'll be onboarded to WhatsApp so you can reach out to Alyssa, your mentor anytime.


Then, once a week, for four weeks, you'll meet Alyssa via Google Meet for reiki energy healings, channeled messages, and personalized mentorship.

You will be given recommendations and homework throughout the intensive term to help support your goals and healing.

  • A 4-week partnership

  • WhatsApp access for direct communication with Alyssa outside of our weekly meetings

  • 1 clarity call where we discuss what you're wanting to focus on during our time together

  • 4 Karuna® reiki energy healings with channeled messages via Google Meet

  • Recommendations and guidance specific for your path and healing

INVESTMENT: $1,100  |  Apply now for 50% off


Application for the 4-Week Healing Intensive

Have you had energy healing before?
If your application is approved, investment is due in full at the time of scheduling, before week 1 begins. No refunds are allowed for any reason, including cancelations, if you're late, or don't appear for one or more appointments.

We'll be in contact once we review your application.


Mike H.

If more people knew how truly gifted and powerful you are with this work there would be a 6-month wait list!

Mike H.

Working with a healer/intuitive of Alyssa's caliber is a true joy.  Through her multi session intensive, Alyssa helped me to identify and resolve blocks that significantly moved the needle on my own growth and intuitive abilities.  She's wonderful to work with and has a strong connection to spirit which clearly comes through.  She provides great documentation so you can always return to the details of a particular session—this is great for going back after some time has passed because sometimes it takes a while to fully integrate it all—you suddenly get something that you missed before!  

Before starting, my recommendation would be to take a few minutes and get quiet, tune out he world, and specifically set your intention.  What do you want to get our of your session?  Visualize the result then take the action to make that your focus while working with Alyssa.

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