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energy healing with psychic insights

Reiki Master Alyssa will recharge your energetic battery, while she is intuitively guided through your consciousness, shadows, and limiting beliefs stored in your energetic body. The reiki energy will bring calm and relaxation while clearing out anything that is no longer serving you.



no-contact, energy healing on-the-go

Alyssa will provide you with an Energy Scrub—the no-contact energy healing—for an on-the-go, full energetic body refresh.



make powerful, impactful shifts within an energy healing and mentorship container

An energy intensive is for you if your committed to your path and want a fast-track way to get there. In this container we'll meet weekly for energy healing, channeled guidance, and mentorship.



become a reiki energy healer

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that anyone can learn! In addition to learning reiki, these classes will increase your psychic awareness, bring mental clarity, help you step into your fullest, most authentic self, and hasten your healing journey (mentally, physically, and spiritually).

want to share your experience?

What They've Said

I went into our session with zero expectations, other than trying Reiki as a complementary therapy. Alyssa is kind, empathic, and compassionate in a way that made me feel safe and comfortable with being vulnerable. Like I was in the company of a dear, old friend.

I started with a heavy heart and navigated our session feeling many strong emotions, feeling calm and a comforting sense of peace. I left feeling light, grateful, and capable. Feeling much love and compassion for myself. My experience was nourishing and it felt transformational for me. What Alyssa shared with me after the session, and how I’m choosing to embrace it, is positively impacting my overall well-being—especially my relationship with myself.

If you’re on the fence about trying Reiki healing because it might be bordering your tolerance for woo, rest assured Alyssa will make it feel so natural, that you won’t even remember why you were so resistant in the first place. She is pure light, and in my experience, she is someone who knows what she’s doing.

I could feel my chest expanding. It was almost like I could feel little fairy dust or something—your work, your presence had a very whimsical magical feeling. Not like glitter, but this beautiful sprinkling of energy.

Brandi J. / Reiki Healing

If more people knew how truly gifted and powerful you are with this work there would be a 6-month wait list!

Mike H. / Vibration Medicine Intensive

Jit G. / Reiki Healing

Reiki is so magical, awesome, liberating, clarifying because of the intention to heal and understand between the client and practitioner. Alyssa gave me a distance session today and it was everything I needed in a Reiki practitioner.

Erin S. \ Reiki Healing

Before my reiki session and energy scrub with Alyssa I was feeling really stuck and energetically numb. These 2 services done with her changed everything. My intuition is back, everything feels lighter and taken on with more ease, my emotions are significantly more in balance, and I’m much more in tune energetically to what feels good to me. She is incredible.

Shannon F. / Reiki Healing + Energy Scrub

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