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Tarot Clarity Reading


Tarot is an energy reading tool using part symbology-study and part intuition.


I don’t use it for future-telling purposes. More so, for an energetic read and self-analysis. A tarot reading will get right to the heart of the matter and lay everything out there for you. It’s blunt, honest, sometimes cheeky, and always clarifying. If you’re wanting fresh perspective on what is currently happening in your life, tarot is your gal!


While some things that come up in your tarot reading can/do come true, Tarot doesn’t exactly predict the future. What tarot is doing is reading the energy of where you are, how you are showing up, and your patterns. Tarot takes that information (energy) and can see where you’re headed given the current “road map.” Know, however, that nothing is set in stone. With Tarot, you can choose to see the energy for what it is and accept it as is, or change your fate by taking accountability and actionable steps towards making energy shifts once your reading is complete. You hold the power, not Tarot. 


Tarot will show you things you were blind to before. It will teach you about yourself and ask you to dig deeper. Most importantly, though, tarot is fun! 

  • Self-analysis

  • Gaining perspective

  • Reality checks

  • Studying energy

  • fun!

Investment: $75

The short answer is that you can ask just about anything* in a tarot reading. Steer-clear of 'yes or no' questions. Instead ask questions that start with "how," "what," or "why" for a deeper, more insightful look.

  • "What is the outcome if I make this choice?"

  • "How can I make a bigger impact in healing my inner child?"

  • "Why did I not get that job?"

  • "What is the energy like between Sarah and myself?"

  • "How am I holding myself back in this situation?"

  • "Why am I feeling so anxious about this relationship?"

  • "What lesson am I learning right now in life?"

  • "How is this relationship good for me? How is it bad for me?"

*To practice responsibly, medical and pregnancy questions/confirmations will not be addressed.

  • Tarot reading completed via Voice Note (.mp3 file)

  • 3 questions allowed; around one focus or unrelated to each other

  • Alyssa will fill in details to bring about a well-rounded 360° outlook


You'll be prompted to supply your questions or focus when you schedule and complete check-out. It is helpful to provide context so Alyssa knows how to fill in your questions/situation with more relevant and helpful information.

Appointments are at a distance, via email. By purchasing you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.

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