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Healing is an incredibly personal and vulnerable experience.

​You deserve to be held
with empathy and care
while being guided
through your healing journey.

Shhhh. 🤫
An entire new offering suite is on the way, making it easier for you to change your life, no matter what stage of the journey you're on.


Your Master Reiki Healer, Teacher, and Meditation Guide

Lover of matcha tea, converse shoes, and folk music.

At one time I was exactly where you are today. I've struggled and then freed myself from chronic illness. I've set hard boundaries with people I love and people who've hurt me. I've viewed my trauma from different perspectives so I can understand it better. I've healed relationships I thought were in the trash. I found myself, my autonomy, and authenticity—and learned how to allow it to shine without shame. No matter what you're going through right now, I can help you dig deeper into yourself, get to know yourself, and free yourself just as I did.

I help you make long-lasting energy shifts that integrate peace and alignment within your physical experience, now.

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Upcoming Events

Say yes to a new and improved you.

an 8-week healing and mentorship container


certification classes and mentorship


But it can also be filled with the most beautiful, wonderful freedom and self-knowing power.

Healing can be messy and full of hard-to-look-at truths.

More Ways to Raise Your Vibration


Helping the modern intuitive connect to your body, authentic self, the ether, and beyond.



Become your own healer while developing your intuition in my small-group reiki classes.



Connect with me on my social media: Tiktok and Instagram


If more people knew how truly gifted and powerful you are with this work there would be a 6-month wait list!

Mike H.

Further Your Healing
and Develop Your Intuition

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Of the Ether Podcast

Where I help the modern intuitive connect to your body, authentic self, the ether, and beyond. Join Alyssa for conversations about divinity, energy work, personal development, and more.

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