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Alyssa McDowell; Master Reiki Healer; Meditation Guide; Transformation Teacher; Of the Ether

Change Your Life
Through Powerful Healing

You want a better life for yourself. A life you feel confident in, aligned with, and a life where you love yourself.

But no matter what you do, you remain stuck exactly where you are.

This isn't the life you've imagined for yourself. You're unhappy, dissatisfied, triggered way more than you'd like to admit and you're just ready for more—for better. You're not alone.

I have been exactly where you are right now. Chronically ill, a people-pleaser, perfectionist, workaholic, burnt-out, terrible with relationships, and I didn't even know who I was. Sounds familiar, right?

Alyssa McDowell; Master Reiki Healer; Meditation Guide; Transformation Teacher; Of the Ether

It's time to do things differently.

If you want change, it's time to make change.

Its time to change how you see yourself and the world around you. Become an active participant in your life, rather than just reacting to what's happening around you. Become present with every emotion and moment so you can ground, experience, and understand everything more clearly.


Get to know yourself deeply, while becoming your best self.

Making internal changes is an act of bravery and strength. Its a practice in vulnerability, self-compassion, and acceptance of who you are right now as you become your new self. It's a way to connect with your higher self, your true self, your best self.

From learning how to find and connect with your authentic self, to diving into shadow work, and then finally making deep shifts with energy healing, I'll hold you with empathy and care every step of the way.


"After working with Alyssa, something clicked and I felt like I simply woke up as my higher self. I didn’t feel weighed down by the grief and loss. I started new habits with ease (that have stuck) and reinvented myself for the millionth time."

Julia L.

"If you’re on the fence about trying Reiki healing because it might be bordering your tolerance for woo, rest assured Alyssa will make it feel so natural, that you won’t even remember why you were so resistant in the first place. She is pure light, and in my experience, she is someone who knows what she’s doing."

Jit G.

"My intuition is back, everything feels lighter and taken on with more ease, my emotions are significantly more in balance, and I’m much more in tune energetically to what feels good to me. Alyssa is incredible."

Shannon F.

Awaken Your Higher Self

Alyssa McDowell; Master Reiki Healer; Meditation Guide; Transformation Teacher; Of the Ether
Alyssa McDowell; Master Reiki Healer; Meditation Guide; Transformation Teacher; Of the Ether

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I didn’t always have my shit together. Sometimes I still don’t.

I spent the majority of my life battling chronic illness. I was a people-pleaser. A perfectionist. I had no idea who I was, what I was doing with my life, or what I wanted. I had no control over my emotions or tiggers. No connection with myself or my intuition.


Until one day, while parts of my body were immobilized with inflammation and my mental/emotional fatigue was to the max, I decided enough was enough. I didn’t know how to change my life yet, but I knew that's what I needed.

I wasn’t willing to spend one more day in the same cycles I was stuck in. And step by step, day by day, I did it. My journey back to myself started with functional medicine and a whole-food diet because my bodily health took priority. Even though I saw improvements, eventually I hit a wall. No matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to get past the threshold of health I was currently waiting in. My body was mostly better, but my mindset was shit—and I still wasn’t happy.

Then came shadow work, energy healing, and my own intuition.

These were the missing pieces to the puzzle I had mostly riddled together. They were the pieces that changed everything. I learned how to tune into myself in a way I’d never done before. I learned how to regulate my emotions and monitor my triggers. I learned how to heal on a cellular level so I could fully step into who I was meant to be.

Healing is a long process—a layered process.

Our society largely wants to believe that healing and medicine should be a one-and-done affair—even with reiki and energy healing. Want to change your life? Come experience this one reiki session and you’ll be a whole new person! Change your diet and you’ll be a whole new person! Say affirmations and you’ll be a whole new person! I wish I could tell you it’s that simple. But you, flower, are not a simple creature. You weren’t meant to be.


You have layers inside you that you can’t even imagine are there right now. You are so much more powerful than you know. So, no, there is no quick-fix healing. But the good news is: I have something better. Through my own healing work on myself, I’ve pieced together a methodology to create lasting shifts. 

It all starts with you. It starts with you saying yes to yourself, yes to more, and yes to committing to yourself like never before. When you learn from me, work with me, you’ll be given the tools to become your most authentic, most aligned, most happy, and satisfied self.


I realize that you maybe don’t even know what that means yet. And that’s okay. All that you need to know is that you’re not satisfied right now, you’re done living the same toxic cycles over and over, and you’re ready for something different. 

Welcome. You're in the right place.

Your Healer and Teacher


Alyssa helps you deeply connect with yourself and welcome in a new era through powerful personal transformation tools and energy healing.​

She is here to help you root back into yourself. Step into your divine birthright—for you are divine. That spark of white light within you has been hiding under decades of conditioning, trauma, and unhealed wounds. Alyssa will help you shed those layers, one by one, so you can meet the person you were meant to be—the person you want to be.

An Intimate Peek Into Shadow Work


Stripped/Channeled Shadow Work

Stripped, unscripted, authentic. This limited series is part journal entry, part channeled teachings that I started during a particular dark period in my life. Come along as I find myself again and root into myself with activations, shadow work, and brain re-wiring—so you too can shift into positive change and awareness.

The Freebie Vault


Learn the key to authenticity and breaking free from programming so you can merge with your higher self and claim your divinity.


Treat yourself to an evening of self-care and relaxation at virtual Healing Hour.


Shhhhh. Another freebie is in the works and on it's way to you!

Of the Ether Podcast

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Where Alyssa helps you connect to your body, authentic self, the ether, and beyond. Tune in for guided meditations, channeled messages, and healing conversations rooted in self-love and spirituality.

Alyssa McDowell; Master Reiki Healer; Meditation Guide; Transformation Teacher; Of the Ether
Alyssa McDowell; Master Reiki Healer; Meditation Guide; Transformation Teacher; Of the Ether
Alyssa McDowell; Master Reiki Healer; Meditation Guide; Transformation Teacher; Of the Ether
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