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The Clair (Psychic) Senses Explained

We all have Clair senses—gifts you may know as psychic abilities. Yes, you read that right. You have access to information via the gift of the Clairs. And no, it doesn’t require you to turn into Theresa Caputo (if you don’t want to), but it does require a cultivation of sorts if you wish to develop your senses further.

There are 6 Clair senses that are considered the most common psychic senses. When we use these senses, we’re able to tap into additional information from Source and your guides that can help you in whatever situation you are presently in. Oftentimes your senses are extremely quiet at first. Perhaps because as a child you turned the dial down on your gifts out of fear or the need to appear ‘normal,’ you weren’t ready for your senses, or you simply weren’t sure how to nurture them or what to do with them. And now that you are an adult, you may be curious about these extra senses and if you, in fact, have them.

The Clair senses, as I said earlier, are available to us all. And I would wager that you have at least one at your disposal already, you may just lack an explanation for the sense or gift you are experiencing, as it may come naturally to you and has likely been with you your entire life. Keep reading to learn about the 6 most common Clair senses, what they mean, and how they often appear.

6 Clair Senses


Clear seeing

You see visuals and information.

Clairvoyance can come in visions within your mind (with your eyes closed) or in a full vision in front of your eyes. If this gift is available to you with your eyes open, it can have a hologram-like appearance. Example: Using a house as an example; you can see the details of the house clearly and can picture, perhaps, the color of the door.


Clear hearing

You hear words, sounds, or music.

Clairaudience can come in the traditional sense where you hear with your ears, but when you’re first developing this sense, it often sounds like your own voice in your head. If you’re ever heard knocking or footsteps from spirits, this is a sign you are clairaudient. Example: You can hear the noises present in the home or you get audible descriptions of the home that you can hear.


Clear feeling

You can feel emotions, energy, or physical pain that is not your own.

Clairsentience comes in feeling the emotion in the body and recognizing it for what it is. This is most recognizably referred to as a ‘gut feeling.’ This is one of my strongest senses, personally, and also appears when I see someone dancing—my body will softly twitch and sway, without me promoting it to, in the same way the dancer is moving. I am feeling their movement. Example: You can feel in your body what the house feels like; is it cozy, cluttered, calm, etc.?


Clear smelling

You can smell odors (not specifically good or bad) that don’t have a physical source.

Ever smell a scent that brought you back to a particular time and place (or person) that didn’t quite belong in your current situation? That was your Clairalience coming through. Example: You can smell the scent of the fresh cut grass coming in through the open windows of the house.


Clear tasting

You can taste something without it being present.

Once when I was in a Reiki Healing Session, I started tasting pretzels. I personally follow a gluten-free diet and haven’t eaten a pretzel in a decade, so I know it wasn’t a real pretzel I was tasting (not to mention I was in the middle of a session), but something about the pretzel was significant and needed to be talked through with my client. Example: You can taste the cookies that were often baked in the kitchen of the house.


Clear knowing

You have knowledge that, in a traditional sense, you normally wouldn’t have access to.

Claircognizance is often the most difficult Clair to make sense of because there isn’t any information or clues backing up the information coming through; it’s less obvious and easily doubted. Example: You know what color the house is without being able to see it.

Your Clair senses are an extension of your intuition and higher self. They are a way for Source/Universe/God, your guides, and your angels to guide you in the right direction for your highest good. They are there to aid you on your path.

You may experience one, two, three, or even all of these senses now—or at any time along your journey. There is no normal. But I would suggest cultivating and paying attention to the ones you do possess before getting too antsy about the senses you do not. The best way to improve your sense is to pay attention and act in the appropriate way. By listening and acting, your sense will get stronger and become more and more available to you. Often as you grow your intuition, your gifts will shift and expand—and more senses will begin to make themselves known to you.

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