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Make Your Own Divination Oil (Recipe)

Are you looking to enhance your connection to yourself and spirit while doing divination activities? Make your own divination oil to use while divining! You can add a drop or two of this divination oil to your hands and third eye before dropping into meditation or using your tarot deck, pendulum, or other divination device.

This divination oil recipe was made with ingredients that have properties to help you connect to your inner wisdom, your higher self, and your psychic abilities. You can use whatever ratio you want, really (witchcraft can be flexible in that way), but it doesn’t require a large amount of dry ingredients—depending on how large your jar is, of course. I typically recommend selecting the jar you want to contain the oil in first. Here are some options: 2mL amber glass vials, 10mL amber glass bottles.

Clear Divining Oil Recipe


  • Organic jojoba oil

  • Almond, flour or 1 crushed almond

  • Bay leaf, dried

  • Dandelion, dried

  • Hibiscus, dried

  • Lilac, dried

  • 1–2 drops of jasmine essential oil (optional)


  1. Start with cleansing all your ingredients in your preferred method. Example: I like to cleanse my dry ingredients, oil, and jar/container in incense smoke.

  2. Note that your herb to oil ratio should be about 1:4. Put another way, your jar should be about 25% filled with the herb ingredients and then filled to the top with oil.

  3. Combine your dry ingredients with a mortar and pestle, while concentrating on activating the ingredients with the powers they naturally hold. I typically will speak aloud why I am adding each individual ingredient (see below). For example, I’ll say aloud, “Almond, I add you to this divination oil to connect me to and increase my own wisdom.” And continue in the same manner with the rest of the ingredients.

  4. Add the dry ingredients to the jar, until it’s about 25% full.

  5. If you want the oil to hold a fragrance, you can add 1–2 drops of jasmine essential oil to your mix (note: look for essential oil, not fragrance oil).

  6. Fill your jar to the top with jojoba oil, being careful to not overfill if you need to leave room for a dropper.

  7. Let the oil sit for 3 days in a dark space so the herbs can steep before using.

Why You Want to Use These Ingredients for a Divination Oil

I’ve suggested these ingredients for a divination oil specifically for their magickal properties.

Almond = wisdom

Bay leaf = psychic abilities, divination, and wisdom

Dandelion = psychic abilities, intuition, spiritual and emotional cleanser

Hibiscus - divination

Lilac = psychic abilities

Jasmine = divination and prophecy

Now that you’ve made your Clear Divining Oil, you can Anoint Your Tarot Deck—an additional practice to get clearer answers while divining!

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