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How to Anoint Your Tarot Deck

Learn how to anoint your tarot deck!

You’ll want to anoint your decks to create a stronger connection with them. This is not something that I’ve always done in my practice, but my guides encouraged it recently and it has completely changed the game within my divination and tarot practice.

My friend has tried this ritual and it has changed how she works and connects with her decks as well. In her words, one deck of hers in particular was kind of a bitch to her (energetically) before she anointed it, and after she anointed it, it completely changed the trajectory of how she worked with that particular deck. It changed the personality, it changed the connection, it changed the answers in a way that felt resonative to her.

Start your ritual with cleansing your deck—removing any unwanted energies. For this example, I am using the Pagan Otherworlds tarot deck. I am smoke cleansing with white copal on a charcoal disk.

You’ll need an oil of your choosing.

Things to Consider for Your Anointing Oil

  • Should be personal to you

  • Could be a perfume

  • You can buy it at a store

  • You can make it yourself

  • Red Tiger Balm*

If you choose to make your own oil, use an oil base of your choice, and mix with whatever herbs you want! You can use herbs that are magically associated with divination, herbs you just like in general, or even herbs associated with your spirit team or guide/deity of your choosing. Here is a recipe to make your own divination oil.

The term or action of anointing means:

To smear, rub, or apply a substance, like oil, in a ritual for divine purposes and/or connection. It’s an act to declare that this item is sacred and connected to the person using it and/or the divine.

Anoint your deck to connect it to yourself, so you can receive better, easier answers that you can understand and have a deeper connection with the deck.

How to Anoint Your Tarot Deck

  1. Cleanse your tarot deck; you can use smoke, sound, or any other cleansing modality of your choosing

  2. Apply a drop of your anointing oil to the palm of your hands, rubbing between your palms

  3. Rub all four edges of your deck into your palms, where the oil is located

  4. Take a deep breath to ground you energy and center yourself

  5. Recite your anointing ritual script (see below)

Script for Anointing Your Tarot Deck

“I anoint this tarot deck with this oil that is personal to me. Tarot deck, I ask that when I work you, you connect to my energy, the energy of my guides, and the Divine. May the answers you provide be clear and easy to understand. May the cards pull quickly and resonate quickly to the questions presented. I thank you for your service. You are now connected to my energy through this sacred anointing ritual.”

That’s it! Your deck is now anointed!

If you try this anointing ritual, please let me know if you notice a difference before and after your ritual—I’d love to hear! And let me know what oil you use, what herb blends you use!

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*Red Tiger Balm is usually used for sore muscles and can be found at your local drugstore. The main active ingredient helps connect with divine energies/high consciousness.


This piece was contributed by:

Alyssa McDowell

Holy Fire® Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher

Founder + Executive Managing Editor at Kind Publishing Co.

Alyssa is the founder of Kind Publishing Co., energy healer, and explorer of the ether. She and her companies are dedicated to helping you acknowledge and transform your shadows, while tapping into your personal power, inner strength, and higher self. She is a Holy Fire® Karuna® Reiki Master (and teacher) which has enabled her to work with energy and develop her intuition and psychic abilities.

Alyssa is a Taurus Sun, Enneagram 5, and Manifesting Generator who enjoys cashew milk matcha lattés and reading (and collecting) books of various genres.

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