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Crystal Shapes and What They Mean

When I was a child, I always thought my sister was crazy for collecting rocks. Now, in my thirties, the roles have switched and you can usually find my nightstand and desk arranged with several different kinds of crystals.

While crystals do vibrate at their own individual frequencies that can aid in the body's natural healing, did you know that the shape and cut of the crystal can also play a role? When looking for the right crystal, you can pair the crystal’s unique properties with the properties of the crystal cut or shape in order to amplify your intention. I’ve detailed below 18 different crystal cuts and shapes, and what they mean so you can take the most advantage of your spiritual and healing practices.

Common Crystal Shapes + What They Do


Emits evenly dispersed energy in all directions.


Helps activate the heart chakra by radiating loving energy.


Used commonly on the go, as it's easy to keep close (like in your pocket). Great for placing directly on the chakras while meditating or receiving an energy healing.


Transmits focused intentions and manifestations into the Universe and removes blockages. The base strongly anchors your intention.


A grounding stone that brings comfort as it fits in the palm of your hand — perfect for meditating with.


Aids in grounding your energy while meditating.


Facilitates healing, fertility, and stability.


Holds powerful frequencies that are calming and purifying.


Often used as a statement piece within the home and aids in finding relaxation and peace.


These untouched crystals allow the user to connect in a deeper capacity as its energy gently diffuses within the room or person.


The 6 equal sides that make the point aid in charing and improving the concentration of energy, especially when using alongside other crystals. It protects, activates, and transmutes energy within the space.


Soothing, calming, and balancing of the emotions.


Radiates harmony and positive energy and absorbs negativity.


Absorbs, omits, and transmits negative energy.


Amplifies intentions and directs energy.

Plus Different Characteristics Found in Various Crystals


This characteristic aids in bringing peace, tranquility, patiences, intuition, and unconditional love, amplifies the body's natural healing abilities, and strengthens the spirit.


Rutilated means containing fine, embedded needles. If a crystal is rutilated, it has fine, embedded needle-like inclusions of rutile. Rutile is often described as “angel hair.” It is high-vibrational, aids in increasing your psychic abilities, and is beneficial to all the chakras. When a crystal contains rutilated inclusions, the healing properties are two-fold (combining the rutile, plus the crystal it’s embedded into).


With focused intention, the window found within a crystal cut will show you what you previously haven’t been able to see. They allow us to truly see inside ourselves, beyond our ego and illusions.

There you have it — 18 crystal shapes and what they mean! So the next time your looking for a new crystal, use this guide to hone in on your intention and amplify the affect your hoping to achieve within your healing.

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