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A Better Way to Clean Your Space (+Branch Basics Discount)

Ever since starting my healing journey, I've been extremely cognizant of what products I use on my body and in my home. It became clear from the start that traditional cleaning products (the ones we're all used to from big-box stores) are loaded with toxic chemicals that bog down our systems and disrupt our hormones.

Meet Branch Basics

Everyday cleaning essentials that work without causing harm. It all started when a family needed solutions to lesson their toxic load in order to aid in healing their chronic illnesses. Now, their ingenious product allows you to create a sacred space for healing as well.

One Concentrate

Branch Basics' concentrate is the only solution you need for cleaning your entire home or office space. Just add water et voila! In the starter kit, you receive bottles for all the different cleaning tasks you're already used to:

  • All-Purpose

  • Bathroom

  • Streak-Free

  • Laundry

  • and Foaming Wash for hands!

Each bottle is marked with the correct measurements of water to Branch Basics concentrate. You just fill where marked and your ready to go. The more heavier lifting cleaning (the Bathroom) get's more concentrate and the lighter cleaning areas (like Streak-Free for mirrors) get's less concentrate. There's no over-thinking. No guess work. And most importantly, everything gets clean while you heal and stay healthy!

Other powerhouse products Branch Basics offers to supplement the concentrate are Oxygen Boost for deep stains, dishwasher tablets, glass bottles, wool dryer balls and more!


For $10.00 off your Branch Basics starter kit,

shop with this link:

Branch Basics starter kit for non-toxic cleaning. Discount code for $10 off your order a starter kit.


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