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5: Healing Chronic Illness with Mindset and Reiki

“These doctors that I was told to love and trust—and who knew everything—are not helping me. I cannot live this way.”

Of the Ether Podcast

Episode 5

In this episode, Alyssa shares her [almost] life-long struggle with Chronic Illness—and how she found healing with mindset work, reiki energy healing, and spirituality. She'll walk you through her diagnosis' of Celiac Disease, Gastroparesis, GERD, Hypothyroid, Hashimoto's Disease, SIBO, and Endometriosis... and her journey exploring mindset work with Louise Hay, finding her autonomy and control outside of her illnesses with reiki, and finally finding a home within a healthy body.

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Time Stamps

0:01 Intro

1:17 I identified with my chronic illness

3:00 My diagnoses feel like a resume

3:42 Starting when I was two-years-old

5:00 Even through day-to-day pain, eventually people stop believing that you’re sick

6:00 Hiding food in my pockets, because I couldn’t eat any more

6:36 I could not catch my breath

9:05 Looking for answers again at the age of 20

10:06 “I think you should see a GI specialist”

10:22 The first diagnoses: celiac disease and gastroparesis

12:30 Struggling to stick to a gluten-free diet

15:10 Infertility and pregnancy loss

17:50 Hypothyroid diagnosis

18:34 My health started to tank—fast; chronic pain and inflammation

21:25 Trying to get answers

24:24 You have Hashimoto's Disease

25:30 Trying to heal Hashimoto’s, unsuccessfully

27:19 Exploring alternative treatments: mindset work, spirituality, reiki

28:48 A friend gave me a book that changed my life by Louise Hay

33:05 Acknowledging that my thoughts played a huge role in how my body functioned

33:45 Dropping the labels of “good food” and “bad food”

36:15 SIBO diagnosis and treatment

36:55 Improvements in my Gastroparesis symptoms and GERD

37:41 Pain in my abdomen: endometriosis and an endometrioma cyst

38:50 Noticing my progress in healing, despite a new diagnosis

41:44 Struggling with anxiety and trying reiki energy healing

43:06 Why reiki is a beautiful modality for healing thoughts, mindsets, beliefs, illness, dis-ease, etc.

43:57 Tackling unconscious thought patterns and and mindset with awareness and control

45:26 Reiki erased my anxiety and continues to bring me back to my center

46:26 How reiki brings you back home to yourself and helps you see your own divinity

47:56 What spirituality is

48:43 Recovery: todayI have zero chronic pain and inflammation

49:50 If you’d like help with reiki energy healing, learn more at

Learn more about this podcast on This podcast was created and produced by Alyssa McDowell and Alyssa McDowell, LLC. Music featured in this episode is by John Kensy Music from Pixabay.

Information shared on this podcast is for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of treatment from a physician. NO information on this podcast should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or condition.


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