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3: Embracing Choice and Change

"I needed the ability to do what I needed to do with grace. And I recognized that no one was going to give me more grace than myself."

Of the Ether Podcast

Episode 3

In this episode Alyssa discusses why change is so uncomfortable and necessary—and how to break through with choice and grace.

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Show Notes:

0:45 \ Guided to talk about choice within change

1:05 \ Why you resist change

1:45 \ Change is essential to the human experience

2:40 \ The Tower in tarot and how it relates to change

3:33 \ You can choose how to perceive change

5:02 \ Not getting stuck in a duality of choice (there’s more)

7:15 \ Explaining change within feeling your feelings and not avoiding uncomfortable emotions

7:44 \ White Pages ad

9:06 \ The anxiety you’re feeling is a marble in your pocket

11:55 \ Asking for help

13:10 \ Giving yourself grace within change

16:01 \ New and different experiences within change

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