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Breath Awareness to Relaxation

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Suitable for both beginner and advanced meditations.

In this guided meditation, you’ll be led through breathing exercises to induce relaxation while you’re directed to bring your focus and attention to your breath. This meditation is perfect for you if you’re new to meditating and aren’t sure where to begin or what you’re supposed to do, or if you’re an experienced meditator and want to be led through an exercise.


The narration guide and infused reiki in this meditation will help you clear your mind from distractions, anxious or racing thoughts while you ground, anchor, and relax into your body, the present moment, and the sensations of your breath. 


Download this audio file to your device and add it to your favorite listening-platform library of choice, like Apple Music. Example: here are instructions on how to import music into Apple Music from a computer.

Audio length: 18:42

Retail value: $18.88

This meditation was written, voiced, and produced by Alyssa McDowell. When you purchase this product, you agree to not distribute any files you receive—which would violate copyright and piracy laws. Your purchase is intended for your individual use only.


©Alyssa McDowell, LLC

Music credits:  Intro is by John Kensy Music (Pixabay), and the background is Tranquility Base by Kevin MacLeod (Uppbeat), license code: KOS4IGTG9LM9KXAP

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Breath Awareness to Relaxation
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