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Energy Scrub

no contact reiki energy healing on-the-go

Are you feeling a bit out of sorts and are wanting a quick energy boost, but lack the time to commit required with a one-on-one appointment? Alyssa will provide you with an Energy Scrub—the no-contact energy healing—for an on-the-go, full energetic body refresh.

Reiki is a Japanese technique that aids in stress relief and promotes your body's natural healing.


Ki, or life energy, flows within your physical body through pathways. These pathways lead to the organs and tissues of the body, chakras, meridians, nadis, and your aura. When we have a healthy flow of Ki, that is what causes well-being. Ki animates the physical organs and tissues of the body, nourishing and balancing the function of your systems. Reiki energy is a special kind of Ki. It is life force energy that is guided by spiritual consciousness, and is defined as spiritually guided life energy. Reiki will 'jump start' your energetic battery leaving you feeling calm, balanced, and refreshed.

The Energy Scrub Includes:

  • Full-body energy healing, from crown to root

  • Removal of all energetic attachments and cords

  • Auric field cleaning and strengthening

  • Anchored grounding

This service is considered a no-contact, no-appointment-time service and will be completed within 2 business days from purchase date. You will recieve an email notifying you when the service has been completed and fullfilled. Note this service does not include any psychic or intuitive messages from Alyssa.

All purchases and service sales are final. Read our terms and conditions here.

energy scrub


Shannon F.

Before my reiki session and energy scrub with Alyssa I was feeling really stuck and energetically numb. These 2 services done with her changed everything. My intuition is back, everything feels lighter and taken on with more ease, my emotions are significantly more in balance, and I’m much more in tune energetically to what feels good to me. She is incredible.

Alyssa S.

After the Energy Scrub I feel more myself, if that makes sense. Like I feel okay with being who I am and not worrying about other people's judgement. I don't feel as nervous or scared to show up as me.

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