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Elemental Cleansing Meditation

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In this guided meditation, you'll journey to a safe place, where Mother Gaia will provide you with the four elements (earth, water, air, fire) to cleanse your sacred energy. Once your energy—your aura, chakras, thoughts, energetic ties, and more—are cleansed, you'll be guided through a protection ritual.

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Audio length: 07:44

This meditation was written, voiced, and produced by Alyssa McDowell. When you purchase this product, you agree to not distribute any files you receive—which would violate copyright and piracy laws. Your purchase is intended for your individual use only. ©Alyssa McDowell, LLC

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Mike H.

I come back to it quite often actually. I can just sit down for a few minutes and relax into it and clean my entire energy in just a few minutes.

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